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Worldcon Day 3: Bleargh

Here we are continuing on Worldcon Daylight Time, on the day that feels like "Worldcon Saturday" but is actually Friday.

I hate having to be up so early for the Business Meeting; remember that it's earlier for me than for most of the attendees because I need to be there early to set things up, as does Pat McMurray, the Secretary.

One of the challenges is that the Business Meeting and Match Game share equipment, but we don't want to haul the entire four-box setup to both events. Therefore, we have to re-pack boxes for each event, and make sure we don't forget anything, because it's too far to just pop back to the room for anything we forgot unless it's more than 30 minutes before the meeting. Yesterday, for instance, we forgot the call-bell for Match Game, as it was still packed in the Parliamentarian bag.

On our way to the convention, we bought a 35-pack of bottled water. It wasn't enough. We drank the last of it yesterday and are working on more today. The hotel tap water is not as vile as some places, but still not great.
Tags: business meeting, l.a.con iv, worldcon
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