Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood Work

Late this morning, during a break between storms, Lisa hitched up the utility trailer and went to Big R and bought a pallet of fire logs while I worked on Day Jobbe. Around lunchtime, I came out and helped move wood. She had been on her own moving logs off the pallet the back of the utility trailer to our "reserve storage" inside the garage. We had used up all but the last 18 logs in the reserve, so she decided to fill it first. We then moved several wheelbarrow loads of logs to the main wood box. It went slowly because my right wrist is paining me considerably and I can't find my wrist brace. (Too much mousing around, I guess.)

A pallet is 240 logs. With 80 to go, the clouds rolled back in and Lisa (having done much of the unloading without me) was getting very tired, so she pulled the plastic wrap back over the remainder of the pallet, secured it as best as she could, and called it a day.

We've been having intermittent light snow showers off and on today. Nothing that sticks to speak of, and in the breaks it melts again because the air temperatures have been above freezing. Tomorrow's forecast suggests that we may have time in the afternoon where we can finish unloading this pallet. We might go get another one soon, because we drew our heading wood supply down to less than a week's worth of wood, which is not something we want to do in general, because there's no guarantee Big R will always have the fire logs in stock.

Meanwhile, we'll see how well my wrist is feeling over the weekend. If it feels the way it does now on Sunday, I don't think I'll be going bowling.
Tags: wood

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