Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow Dodger

This afternoon around lunchtime, the sun came out and it looked decently clear, so Lisa and I got out the wheelbarrow and unloaded the remaining 80 fire logs and moved the rest of the "fence posts" from the patio back into the wood box. While we were doing this, it rather quickly clouded over, and snow started falling again. Fortunately, we were able to get the plastic over the wood and the box closed before much of it fell.

I think I have a slightly sprained right wrist. It's slightly swollen and painful, and I have little grip in my right hand, but can use it in certain orientations. After breakfast at the Wigwam this morning, I went over to Walgreen's and bought a wrist brace. This helps. Even though I could only move one log at a time (rather than the 3-4 that I usually do), it's much less painful with the brace.

As I sit here, the snow is intensifying. But nothing here will be like the Snowpocolypse over I-80/Donner Summit. The road has been intermittently closed for long periods of time from as far down as Colfax (2500 feet) to the Nevada state line, a distance of more than fifty miles. It continues to be a good time to stay at home by the fire.
Tags: health, house, lisa, snow, wood

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