Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Walking the Walk

I'm fortunate to have a room on the sixth floor and therefore can reasonably walk up and down the stairs to my room, rather than having to wait for elevators. There is even an all-stairs path from the ground floor to my room that does not involve going through and emergency exit; however, it's a rather convoluted path going through two sets of function rooms on the fourth and third floors. Anyway, last night I measured it off, and I can report that from my room on the sixth floor to the doors where I'm most likely to enter the Convention Center it is 450 Standlees. Now that's not full strides since many of those are stair-steps, but it's still a considerable number. And I expect it's still faster than waiting for elevators.
Tags: l.a.con iv, worldcon
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