Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bracing Myself

The wrist brace has been doing me a world of good for the mild sprain I got last week. I took it off when I ate lunch, and I was an hour back to work before realizing that I hadn't put it back on again. I am going to keep wearing it for a few days, though, because the reason I realized it was because my wrist started twinging again.

Lisa suggested we take advantage of this two-day break between storms (the forecast is for snow to return tomorrow) to go buy another pallet of firewood. However, after collecting the mail, we walked to Big R and found (not surprisingly) that they've sold out and do not know when the next delivery from Idaho will be here. I left my phone number with them and asked them to call us when they get another delivery. We have about 20 days' supply of wood on hand, so it's not a crisis yet.
Tags: health, weather, wood

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