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Worldcon Day 3: Business Meeting Background and Photos

Today's food and drink consumption at the Business Meeting:

Coffee: 5 gallons of 5 ordered.
Decaf: 2 gallons of 4 ordered.
Hot water: 3 gallons of 4 ordered.
All 72 items of assorted muffins, rolls, and cookies were eaten.

Lisa took some photos, for which I'm grateful.

Here, Deb Geisler advises Don Eastlake (left) and me that she intends to raise a Question of Privilege regarding Apple laptop computer batteries, on account of the recent news regarding a battery recall on them and because the Secretary uses an Apple laptop.

I and Pat McMurray discuss with people queued up at the front table with the usual before-the-meeting questions.

Here are four assorted shots of the audience. I am not going to try to identify everyone.

Lisa also shot a video of my opening statement to the Business Meeting, but I think it's too large to put on YouTube, if I remember the requirements.

I'll post a Business Summary on laconiv soon.
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