Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

See You in the Funny Papers

Our weekly local newspaper, the North Lyon County Leader-Courier/Mason Valley News (the paper's title has almost as many words as the combined papers have pages), had as this week's lead story the big public turnout at the Fernley City Council meeting for a public hearing on the creation of a redevelopment district. I know a bit about this photo, as I saw it being taken as I sat in the meeting.

In the News

The reporter for the Leader-Courier, Amy Alonzo, had been sitting in the vacant seat in the front row in the photo above. When she went to get photos, I studiously avoided staring at her and looked forward instead.

Due to a potential technical irregularity in the way the notice of the meeting was served to all affected property owners (that's the "snafu" in the article title), action on creating the district was put off until a special meeting in April and a new notice sent out. Assuming there's enough of a weather window for me to get down to the Bay Area for a scheduled week I'm planning there, I will end up missing the special meeting, though, as well as the next Fire Board meeting.
Tags: fernley, politics

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