Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

For the Birds

Yesterday morning started the same way many mornings this winter have started.

Return of the Snow

We got maybe 1 cm of snow, very wet, and none of it sticking to paved surfaces like the street and our sidewalk. I scraped it off the porch and went to breakfast at the Wigwam. Air temperatures were at about +3°C, and thus once it turned back to rain while I was eating, nearly all of it had melted by the time I got home by way of the post office.

During the afternoon, Lisa and I went down to Big R to buy more grit for the sidewalk and also some material for new rain gutters, as there is a section of roof with no rain gutter to which Lisa would like to make one, so that rain doesn't constantly drip on the wood box. While we were there, we also decided to buy something about which we've been thinking for quite a while now.

For the Birds

Lisa put up a bird feeder on her father's place many years ago, and her father ended up enjoying it very much, as it sat outside the window of his Ham Shack where he could watch the birds coming to feed. So we decided to buy ourselves our own bird feeder. This feeder is made mostly from recycled plastic and is made in the USA.

For the Birds

We hung the feeder on a tree in the front yard where we can look out the front window without startling the birds.

Now we just have to wait for the birds to discover it. Annoyingly, the flock of birds that had taken to gathering in the evergreen outside the bedroom window appears to have moved on. I'm sure eventually some of the birds will find the new feeder.
Tags: fernley, snow, wildlife

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