Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brief Zephyr Restart

Yesterday, Amtrak attempted to restart full service on the California Zephyr, after a week where service was suspended between Sacramento and Reno. But the westbound train was dramatically late.

Zephyr Restart (Westbound)

With "heritage" paint scheme locomotive 130 trailing, Amtrak #5 came through Fernley more than nine hours late.

Amtrak #5 normally passes our house around 7:45 PM. Yesterday, it passed us westbound at about the time that #6, its eastbound counterpart, normally passes our house around 4:45 PM. #6 was running late as well, but not as badly late, and was making its Reno station stop as #5 came through. Based on Amtrak's track-a-train map, the dispatcher held #5 at Clark siding (second siding east of Sparks) for #6. This is the "late trains get later" principle, in that #6 was only about an hour late and might be able to make up some of its time, but #5 was a lost cause. It would eventually limp into Emeryville at 2:49 AM the next morning, 10h39m late. Ouch!

Zephyr Restart (Eastbound)

Lisa waved at the eastbound first complete run of the Zephyr in a week. The light was fading (which is why it's a bit out of focus). Had the westbound train been a little later, or the eastbound had been on time, we might have seen the two trains pass here.

Today's westbound train came through this afternoon also badly delayed, and the eastbound isn't even on the board, so I suspect they're short-turning the train at Reno again.
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