Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Defeating Drips

Yesterday was gloomy and damp, but not actually raining, so after work, I helped Lisa install something to control drips.


We bought these modular plastic gutter assemblies at Big R a few days ago (when we bought the bird feeder). Lisa was pleased to see that they're made in USA.

I held the ladder and passed tools to Lisa while she attached the pieces of the gutter to the house.

This section is mainly to keep water from dripping directly from the roof onto the large wood box. Rain returned today and so far the gutter seems to be doing its job.

Fernley Fog

I mentioned that the weather was damp and gloomy yesterday. This is what it looked like from the front porch yesterday morning. Yes, fog in the desert. And it didn't lift all that much all day.

People who have lived in Fernley all their lives tell us this is one of the wettest winters they can remember. Lisa, who wanted to move here to get away from wet, gloomy winters, can't see spring arrive soon enough.
Tags: house, lisa, weather

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