Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It's a Gas

This afternoon we did one of the prep jobs for my planned trip to the Bay Area for a week working there next week. Yesterday we plugged the Rolling Stone into ground power to make sure the coach battery is fully charged. Today, I opened the propane bottle and Lisa checked to make sure the lines were running. I don't use the propane stove (what cooking I do I can do in the microwave oven at the office), but lighting it up gets propane flowing through the lines after many months of inactivity. After shutting down the stove, we tried getting the propane furnace running. As usual when it hasn't been used in a long time (about a year in this case), it took several attempts before the furnace would light off. On the third attempt, it caught and started producing warm air. I don't use the furnace that much (we've not yet had to refill the propane since we bought the RV), but on a cold morning, being able to reach up and turn it on without getting out of bed is a nice thing, as it generally only takes a few minutes for it to bring the inside of the RV up to a comfortable temperature.

I continue to watch the weather forecast for Sunday nervously. If the weather turns back into lots of snow and the chain controls don't lift, I'll have to scrub the trip, which would be inconvenient.
Tags: rolling stone, rv

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