Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shifting Time

I am not by inclination a "morning person," but I'm forced to be one in order to coordinate my work hours with my co-workers in the Midwest (and Europe!). So time-change weekend exacerbates an already difficult situation. I've been setting my alarm fifteen minutes earlier each day for the past four days and trying to go to bed at least that much earlier each day. I really have been trying to "walk" my wake-up time even earlier, on account of I'd planned to be in the Bay Area next week, which means I have to be up an hour earlier than normal in order to commute to the office (even living out of the Rolling Stone, it takes a bunch of extra time).

OTOH, looking at the weather forecast for this weekend, it's looking more and more like driving over Donner is going to be a bad idea. Winter is hanging on a long time this year. But I'm not complaining, as having the lakes and aquifers full of water is a Good Thing.
Tags: sleep

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