Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Alternative Fernleys

If the weather had been the way it was today on Sunday, I'd be in the Bay Area right now. All of yesterday's snow (and hail) is gone. Today's high was a balmy 14°C.

Lisa has started doing tidying, including going through boxes of papers and sorting things that can be discarded. It's still chilly, so any burnable paper goes into the fireplace.

One of the things she found was a bundled of information sheets on houses that were for sale in Fernley within our price range when Lisa first came to look here. There were a handful that would have been okay, including one that had a lot more land, but that one would have had a view of Interstate 80, not the railroad. There was one that seemed plausible, but the roof was in such poor condition that it would have made the work we had to do to shore up the kitchen floor here look cheap. In the end, while we always grouse about the extra $20K it cost us to buy it from the person who scooped it on account of the zoning scuppering our initial financing, we are happy with this house, even if it means we'll spend the rest of our lives working on one project or another.
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