Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Snow?

This morning, the view from the front porch showed that we're not quite done with winter here.

Winter's Last Gasp?

After the wild winds yesterday followed by blowing snow that melted, we obviously had just a tiny bit of dry, fluffy snow that stuck around because the overnight lows went back over freezing.

Just a Dusting

I wasn't surprised by this small accumulation, because I saw this on the front porch early this morning. This photo was from just before I went to work, but it looked about the same around 2 AM when I briefly woke up and reached out the front door to get a couple more logs to throw on the fire overnight.

When the sun came up, it got warm enough to melt most of this trace of snow. I wonder if this was the last snowfall for us this year. Not that I have to go far to see more snow, as the accumulation over Donner Summit means we may be seeing snowbanks at the summit until July.
Tags: snow, weather
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