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Auction Returns

The auction house that disposed of the Wigwam collection is in Reno, so I arranged to pick up the items I won (saving shipping charges). Yesterday, Lisa and I went in and collected our three items, the most important of which was the framed print I mentioned a few days ago.

Bear Approves of Painting

Kuma Bear poses with the print of Fernley's train depot as it might have appeared during its heyday in its original location across the street from our house. What looks like cracks or imperfections in the center is just a reflection from the room lights.

After we got home, Lisa picked out a place to hang it where it will not get direct sunlight (which would cause it to fade, of course).

Painting in Place

Lisa found a beam from which she could attach a hook and mounted the print above the front entry way of the house. If you took the piece of insulation out of the window, you could look out across the street toward the original depot site.

Nevada Subdivision

In case you're curious, this is the poster on the wall to the right of the previous photo. It's a blow-up of a list of the stations along the Nevada Subdivision of Union Pacific (ex-Southern Pacific, ex-Central Pacific). The Nevada Sub runs from Vista (a point just east of Sparks Yard) to Weso (just east of Winnemucca). The smaller piece of paper to the right includes the Mina Subdivision and the Fallon Industrial Lead, both of which branch from the main line at Hazen.

The Mina Sub is the former Carson & Colorado line that once upon a time ran all the way to Bishop and then Keeler, but now ends at Fort Churchill, where it connects to the US military railroad to Hawthorne. It's called the Mina Sub because before SP abandoned the line south of Hawthorne and sold the Fort Churchill-Hawthorne tracks to the military to serve the Hawthorne Naval Weapons Station, the tracks ran to the town of Mina, where the SP standard-gauge tracks gave way to the remaining narrow-gauge tracks to California.

I did pick up a couple of other things at auction.

T&G Stock (Back)

This is an un-issued stock certificate from the Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad, which ran from Mina to the railroad's namesake cities. Tonopah itself was on a wye stub from the main line as the line to Goldfield went around rather than make the climb up and over the mountain on which Tonopah sits.

I also purchased, mainly because they knocked the price down pretty low as they were urgently trying to move stuff near the end of the auction, a lot of about 80 issues of the Great Northern Railway Historical Society magazine.

We need to figure out how to properly frame the stock certificate in order to display it appropriately.
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