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Meeting Day

Today was the trimesterly SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. I'd originally planned to be down in the Bay Area to attend in person, but the bad weather last weekend scuppered that plan. However, I'm not the only director attending using Zoom video conferencing. (In fact, four of the directors participated remotely including me.) Zoom was more useful than just an ordinary conference call because it meant that I could share my screen when I was composing motions to let the other people attending see it. (I'm the corporate secretary.) SFSFC has multiple standing committees. Worldcon 76 is the largest one, but not the only one, and there are multiple future conventions, not just past ones. So it takes several hours to go through every report and deal with all of the business brought from the various committees. Afterwards, it's best if I get the minutes done right away while it's all fresh, which includes adding all of the financial and organizational reports from the committees and sending the draft out to the Board to make sure I got things the way everyone thought it went.

After that was all done, Lisa suggested we go out to dinner at the Nugget Oyster Bar in Sparks. We don't often go out on Saturday night, but fortunately while the Nugget was busy, we didn't have to wait for a table and we had our favorite shrimp pan roast without much of a delay. We also could then go to the Raley's in Sparks, which has some items we can't get at Fernley, before heading for home.

It was a longish day mostly spent on the computer, but I'm still pretty tired.
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