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Psst! Hey Little Girl, Would You Like a Ribbon?

Lisa sent me out to the Subway sandwich shop around the corner from the hotel while she took a bath. While I waited in line, the little girl in front of me started eying my long string of ribbons (currently 17). According to the woman with her (her mother?), she only spoke German, a language I can't speak at all. The little girl was fascinated with the ribbons, and reached out and ran her hand over them (with my permission and encouragement). She pointed out some of the pictures and English words for them. I thought it was very cute.

They got their sandwiches and sat down. As I was paying for mine, I found one ribbon I had that I hadn't yet applied to my string. So as I left the shop, I stopped and gave it to her. She seemed very happy. I walked back to the hotel with more of a spring in my step, despite my feet being awash in blisters.
Tags: l.a.con iv, worldcon

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