Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That's the Way the Cookie...

As I mentioned yesterday, Lisa and I had dinner at the Peppermill Hotel buffet, and as is our usual practice, we did a walk through the convention facilities on the second floor. Anyone who attended the 2011 Worldcon's Hugo Awards and/or Masquerade will remember the large ballroom, which is formally the Tuscany Events Center. As we made our loop, we found ourselves in a convention.


This was the registration area for CookieCon, a "cookie art convention and show" that was using the big ballroom and other function space. The registration desk was the counters opposite the entrance to the ballroom. Lisa and I have talked many times about how we would use this space for an SF/F convention of sub-Worldcon size. For example, a Westercon would almost certainly fit into the ballroom alone, although it would be nice to have some of the smaller rooms for some things.

I was actually happy to see that this event's registration queues were not especially more sophisticated than what we do for most SF/F conventions, at least those that have pre-printed badges rather than print-on-demand registration, where you can use "bank teller" queuing.
Tags: conventions, hotel, reno

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