Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brr, Spring

We "celebrated" the first day of northern hemisphere spring in these parts by letting the fire go out in the fireplace for the first time in several months and unplugging a couple of the electric space heaters. Two days later, the cold and rain (but not snow, save on the peaks to the west) came back, and yesterday I gave in and rekindled the fire.

I had hoped to go see my sister this weekend, but the forecast says more snow over Donner Summit is coming, so I won't chance it. It is ironic that the only weekend in the past seven or eight weeks where the weather was clear and safe enough to make the trip back and forth to Sacramento was the one weekend I couldn't travel because I had to stay put so I could call in to the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting.
Tags: weather
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