Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not Quite Done With Winter

It rained quite a bit by local standards over Friday night. On Saturday morning, as I often do, I walked to the Wigwam and had breakfast. After a nice run of luck on the free-play coupons (won $40), I stepped outside to discover that winter wasn't actually over.

Spring Snow

It was sufficiently wet and the air temperature was above freezing, so none of this snow would actually stick.

Spring Snow

I walked home though the slush.

Snow Train

Just a few cars (and a locomotive waiting to be hauled back to BNSF for its regular inspection) sat in our small rail yard.

The snow did not last long, and none of it accumulated. Things cleared up later in the day. That might be the last snow of this year. This was just a small bit of the storm that showed that I made the right call to not go to Sacramento yesterday, as it would have been difficult to get home on Saturday.
Tags: snow, weather

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