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Worldcon Day 3: Party Excerpts

Today we had relatively few commitments after the Business Meeting. This evening, we did not go to the masquerade in favor of going first to the Interaction Thank You and Final Party (hooray!). Of course we were in our WSFS uniforms. Hanging over the mantelpiece was the kilt from Vince Dochterty's formalwear -- he's literally "hung up his kilt." This led to someone suggesting that he would dash back into action "When the Sporran-Phone rings...." We took lots of pictures, most of which did not turn out other than a couple of me that Lisa took.

This is a relatively rare shot of me not wearing my glasses, as Lisa complained that the flash was reflecting off them.

Then we went off for what we intended to be a brief visit to other parties; however, we ended up hung up at the Daicon (Japanese National SF Convention) party, where Lisa spent quite a while practicing her Japanese on the fans there, who were very indulgent with her.

Then we headed down to the Montreal in 2009 Worldcon bid, where I took some more photos.

A cross-section of fans crowding into the Montreal party.

Linda Ross-Mansfield and Robbie Bourget at the sales desk in the Montreal party.

I took a shot of Lisa in her WSFS uniform, carrying Kuma Bear in his Bear-o-Metric chamber.

A close-up of Kuma Bear shows him in his own WSFS uniform and Space Cadets sash.

Many parties were too crowded to do more than pass through or sometimes pass by because there was no space to enter the room. I'm really surprised that more people aren't heading out onto the Lanai decks -- that's the open patio areas outside the rooms. There's plenty of room and the weather is pleasant and mild, and certainly less stuffy than inside the rooms.

We returned to the Interaction party, which was no exception to the crowding rule. Lisa and I were both tired and returned to the room, planning to get to bed fairly soon, but in dealing with our respective issues -- me trying to deal with e-mail, uploading photos, and Lisa not feeling well -- it took much longer to wind down than we wanted. As soon as I get this posted, I have to get to bed, because I still have to be up at 7 AM if I want to be ready for the Business Meeting at 10.
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