Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

4/04: Day Not Found

I suppose I'm theoretically better. Not so much fever, and the body aches are starting to subside. However, my head is still full of fuzz, and I've spent today working at Day Jobbe until the dizzy spells can be no longer ignored, then lurching to the sofa to nap for a little while until summoned by a ping from the computer from someone needing something right away. I can't take most decongestants because they're contra-indicated for high blood pressure.

Thank goodness I can work from home, or I'd just have to take the whole week off sick, which I'd rather not do if I can avoid it, because in a PTO situation there's no separate sick leave. If I can just manage to log enough hours this week (albeit in dribs and drabs), I should be okay.
Tags: health

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