Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Video: Inside the TCC

This morning, I got up to discover that I'd accidentally uploaded the Tonopah Convention Center video to the wrong YouTube channel. Unfortunately, you can't move a video from one channel you manage to another, so I had to wait until I had time to upload it to my own channel (I did that over lunch because it soaks up all of my bandwidth and took an hour), then delete it from the wrong channel. I didn't see any views on it from the wrong channel, so presumably nobody noticed. I then posted the video to the bid's web site, Facebook page, and Twitter, after having shared it first with the SFSFC board. So here's the finished work:

We got a note from the Mizpah (whose rep was with us while we were shooting the material) saying that they liked it and congratulating Lisa for her work. Personally, I'm happy I didn't flub up anything more than I did, given that I was improvising the whole thing. I also learned a bit more about video editing, and was even able to edit out a particularly bad flub in the middle of one of the sequences. I can't hear where I edited it, and I hope you can't, either.
Tags: tonopah, westercon

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