Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Over the Hill (Finally!)

For the first time since January, I've finally managed to make it across the Sierra and down to Sacramento. I was able to leave Fernley around 1 PM after tidying up Day Jobbe stuff for the week, and made good time by my standards. The weather was fine and clear, and the roads were dry and fast, even with three or four meters of snow looming over the road near the summit. I had time to stop in Roseville to finally buy more of my shave ointment from Lush (no Lush stores in Northern Nevada) before heading down to the hotel. The Crowne Plaza gave me a room upgrade and a room just down the hall from the hot tub. I got moved in, set up the computer, confirmed that there was no work chasing me over the mountains, and walked to get some dinner and bring it back to the room. After dinner, I soaked in the hot tub (ah, luxury), something I rarely get a chance to do while traveling.

I checked with my sister for when she wants me to be at the nursing home tomorrow morning to start training me on how to make her equipment work, and then we'll decide what to do for her day out with me.

Alas, the hotel TV doesn't include the Giants broadcast, but I can get the game over my phone, and with the wi-fi it doesn't even use up any of my bandwidth.
Tags: family, travel

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