Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rolled Into the Bay

Aside from leaving an hour later than I planned on account of oversleeping (and that was because I was up much too late working on a project for the Tonopah bid), today's trip was routine. Good weather (still about 15-20 feet of snow at the Donner Summit rest area), easy driving most of the way. There was an accident on westbound I-80 coming down the hill but there was warning on the changeable signs, and I was able to bail off and drive old US-40 around the problem. I'm surprised how few people did the same thing. The old road is much slower than the freeway, but when the freeway is dead stopped due to an accident, the old road is a better bet. You can't always do this because old US-40 is no longer continuous, but in this particular case it was, and I was happy enough to drive from Gold Run to Colfax via the old road.

Because I was running late, I only got to visit my sister for a few minutes, but I promised her that I'd stay longer on my return next Sunday.

I had one time-constrained errand in the Bay Area, but managed to make it with time to spare, which suits me just fine.

I always wonder if I'm forgetting something on these trips. It was something of a relief to figure out what I missed this time: my wrist brace that I've been wearing when working on the computer. I might go buy another one from Walgreen's if my wrist starts hurting again.

To my relief, the place I typically lay up for the night is unchanged. The way things change around here, every time I'm gone for a few months or even weeks, I come back and figure there's a better-than-even chance that the entire area has been leveled for the next major expansion of one of the big tech companies.
Tags: kelli, rv, traffic

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