Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Just a Spoonful of Sherman

Yesterday evening, after a busy afternoon traveling up and down the Peninsula by both VTA light rail and Caltrain heavy rail (about which more later), I went to downtown San Jose to see the 3Below Theatre production of A Spoonful of Sherman.

A Spoonful of Sherman

Here's a picture of the set shortly after the doors open. (I did ask permission, given that technically no recording devices are supposed to be used in the theatre, although of course that really means "while the show is going on" rather than "while the room is loading.")

The six-member cast (including pianist Barry Koron, who IMO stole ever scene in which he did more than just play the music, and sometimes even others; I made a point of going and complimenting him on his work) put on a wonderful show that includes some 54 separate musical numbers using the music of Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, their father Al Sherman, and Robert B.'s son Robert J. Sherman, who also wrong the book for this production.

Chances are that you've heard lots of the Shermans' music. It's subtitled “The Songbook of Your Childhood” for a reason.

By now anyone reading this knows how much I love the work of the Guggenheim family who run 3Below. I'm a bit embarrassed sometimes about how much I gush over them, and I try not to monopolize their time when they're so generous with it, including how the cast generally comes out and socializes with the audience after the show. (Easier to do with such a small theatre, of course.) If I lived still lived close enough to know I could reliably attend more shows, I would take out a subscription. Alas, I've already been obliged to miss several shows earlier this year due to the extended engagement of winter in the Sierra Nevada.

Sherman was originally to close this weekend, but has been extended. If you can get to downtown San Jose and haven't seen this show, and have any interest in all in the Shermans' music, I encourage you to go see it. If you're at all like me, you'll come out of the theatre with a smile on your lips and several songs in your head.
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