Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spring Chores

With mild weather, Lisa has started working on chores around the property. She whacked away at the weeds yesterday, and I then did some raking to clear the area I laughingly call the flower bed (I've never managed to get anything to grow in it but weeds). Later in the afternoon, we went to Big R for more parts so we could finish a project she started earlier this year.

Down the Spout

Lisa put in a rain gutter on the roof over the wood box to spot rain and snow-melt from dripping directly onto the box. Yesterday, she installed the pieces shown here to put in a downspout to direct the water into a small dry-well she dug at the base of the spout. We'll not know how well it works until we get rain again, of course.

We can get outside home improvements done in the spring and autumn, but not so much in the winter and summer.
Tags: house, lisa

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