Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mini Wildlife Refuge

The little birds are very much enjoying the bird feeder. Bigger birds would like to do so as well, but they're too big to perch on it, but they've been hanging around looking for handouts anyway.


There are actually some smaller birds in this picture, but they're hard to see. I have to take these photos from the front window, because if I go outside, I scare them all away. A pair of quail have lately made our front yard part of their rounds because they can feed on the seed knocked out of the feeder by the smaller birds. I've also seen some doves perching on the fence and similarly patrolling looking for spilled seed.

Besides the birds, we're also getting bunnies. Last night while I was sitting in on a SpikeCon conference call, Lisa quietly crept through the front door and told me that there were two rabbits out in the front yard just beyond the fence, besides the small birds and the quail and the doves. The bunnies seemed more interested in grazing on our weeds than eating birdseed, though.
Tags: wildlife

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