Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hello Hawthorne

We spent the night in Hawthorne last night at the nice America's Best Inn, which made me wish I had lots of video files to upload because their upload speed is close to 50x the speed we have on our home DSL.


After checking in, we popped down to Safeway to get some beverages. Still plenty of snow in the mountains west of town. Then we got pizza at Old Nevada Pizza, and it was pretty good, although Lisa said the sausage topping was too spicy for her.

After a good breakfast at the El Capitan Casino, we made the relatively brief drive (120 miles, but aside from a couple of small towns along the way, the legal speeds are fast) to Tonopah. As we rolled into town, we spotted some very good news and pulled over to check it out.

Comfort Inn Tonopah

The Comfort Inn, which has been under construction on the north end of Tonopah for a long time, is finally open.

Comfort Inn Double Queen

The hotel's co-owner helpfully offered to show us around, including showing us the hotel's handicapped-accessible rooms, which we know of are of considerable interest to those people who need them.

Comfort Inn Tonopah Roll In Shower

The hotel has a total of four accessible rooms, one of which has a roll-in shower. This is not the only such handicapped-accessible room among the more than 500 hotel rooms in Tonopah, but it's the first one I've been able to photograph.

We spent a very productive and interesting day attending Tonopah's Jim Butler Days festival. We have plenty of material for the Tonopah bid already, and expect to shoot some video tomorrow that will also be good solid information, some of which may surprise people who have some pre-conceived notions about rural Nevada.

We were somewhat lucky to get a room at the Mizpah Hotel; they were full last night. When we checked in, we had a nice surprise.

Gift Basket

Jo Van Eckern had arranged to give Lisa and me this lovely gift basket. Big thanks to the Mizpah Hotel and Raley's supermarket for working to make up one of these baskets with non-alcoholic sparkling juice rather than their usual beverages. We're immensely flattered by this.

We'll be here through tomorrow night. The Mizpah folks have already been very nice to us, and we're looking forward to tomorrow. But Lisa and I are very tired, and I've just spent several hours labeling photos and posting stories to Facebook, both to my personal page and to the Tonopah Facebook page. Fortunately, we don't have any morning appointments, and since we are staying through tomorrow, we don't have any reason to set an alarm.
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