Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lights Out

This afternoon, near the end of my work day, we had the lights flicker, go out briefly, then come back on but dimmer. Lisa got out the voltmeter and measured our house current at around 110V, rather than 117V nominal normal voltage. We shut off a bunch of things, including the refrigerator, which gets cranky under low voltage and will stay cool (if you don't open it) on its own for a while. After maybe half an hour or so, the power went out entirely.

We went for a drive and found that it was a localized outage, although the localization meant that the Imerys plant down the street was part of the outage, which was probably more trouble for them than my having the last hour of my work day cut off was. An inquiry to NVEnergy showed that the actual outage was fewer than 500 customers, and caused by a line/pole down.

A little after 4 PM, the power came back up. It was a bit of a nuisance, but not a disaster. Lisa made dinner in the travel trailer, which runs on propane for the stove and refrigerator and has battery power for the lights. Had the lights stayed out into the evening, Lisa suggested that I sleep in the Rolling Stone now that the circuit breaker is repaired, because the batteries there are good for all night and I could sleep with my CPAP machine running all night long. Fortunately it did not come to that.
Tags: cpap, fernley, house

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