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Tonopah Westercon: Mizpah Interview

The Tonopah Westercon bid has released the interview that I did (and Lisa recorded) with staff from the Mizpah Hotel and Mizpah Club about how they think Westercon will work in their hotel and their town. I got the editing done late last week but wanted to wait until the Mizpah folks had had a chance to review it and make sure they didn't think we were misrepresenting them, and by then it was the weekend. I've been told that stuff issued on weekends gets fewer views.

I'm hoping that certain people who have an opinion of small-town Nevada as fitting a certain stereotype might surprised when they watch this video.

Something that may not be completely clear from this interview, but that we got from our off-camera discussions, is that besides the nice business opportunity for the hotel, the people here are personally interested in attending the event. SF/F fandom isn't exclusively something that belongs only to residents of large metropolitan areas. People in small towns (and I'm from an even tinier town myself) can be interested in the subject as well but may not have the opportunity to participate.

The Tonopah committee anticipates selling reduced-price memberships at the door to local residents.
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