Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Unwanted Hulk

A burned-out, junked car appeared across the street a few weeks ago. It's not a mystery how it got there. It had been dumped on the Union Pacific property a long time ago after two idiots were playing destruction derby and smashed up the car. Amazingly, nobody was hurt, but the car was a total loss. Eventually, the UP crew got tired of having it there and used their crane truck to haul it off their property and dump it on the side of the street across from our house. The local wildlife were happy, but we weren't.

Bunny Ranch

Some of the local rabbits have been congregating near this hulk, presumably because it's ready shelter.

Lisa was there when a sheriff's deputy came by and ran the VIN on the hulk, but when it came back with no warrants, she deputy had no further interest in it. Today, I finally got around to calling the city about it, and someone from the city called me back to say that she'd be out probably tomorrow to placard the car and confirm that it was on city property. If after three days no action is taken, and assuming that it is city land and not still part of UP's property, they'll have the car hauled away. It doesn't look to me or Lisa as though it's good for anything but scrap value, but getting rid of it will reduce blight conditions. Although it looks like the bunnies will miss having it there.
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