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We have until Noon to check out of the hotel room, and thanks to moving the large, bulky, and boxed items from the room last night, we now only have the bits and pieces, although they take at least as much time -- maybe longer -- to pack. Just as my alarm went off at 9 AM, Cheryl (via Gigi -- Cheryl's US phone had run out of charge and I'd neglected to include her charger in her Box of Stuff, and ever since I bought a new phone, we no longer have compatible charging equipment) text-messaged me saying that the boxes of stuff I'm carrying back to the Bay Area for her were ready to go, so I bounced on up there. As I taped up the boxes, cherylmorgan said, "Are you okay? You look terrible!"

I said, "I just got up a few minutes ago."

She apologized, saying she had to be up and ready to take a shuttle for her flight that will eventually return her to Darkest Somerset. I waved off apologies. The fact that I'm driving home and have allocated two days for the trip means that I don't have to rush.

However, now I do have to shut down the computer and pack the many bits and pieces that are piled up around it so we can get out of here.

Total damage for the hotel room, including parking, internet access, and net of that gift card I got for The Monster Project, but not including any meals (none were charged to the room), is $1018. Frugality is indicated for a few months, I think.

Today's journey is to Paso Robles, where we rebooked our mid-point stay on account of how much we liked the hotel on the points stay coming down.

I have a huge number of photos and quite a bit of video shot of the convention, thanks mostly to Lisa's work; unfortunately, I've had no time to process or upload any of it. I'll do what I can when I can, and yes, I will eventually give y'all my take on the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting.
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