Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tonopah Slide Show

I built a slide show meant to run unattended at our bid table and in our room party at SpikeCon. We decided to go ahead and post the video version of the slide show (there's no audio) as Tonopah's fourth video about the convention site.

Watching this, I realized that there are a few pictures in this show that I meant to replace with better ones from the Memorial Day trip. I got some better shots of the Clown Motel, for example. So if you come to Utah and watch the show on display there, you'll see that it's slightly different than this one. However, I think it does do what we wanted to do, which was to show a lot of pictures of Tonopah's facilities, hotels, restaurants, and services and other attractions for those people who aren't interested in paging through a bunch of photos on Flickr.

I'm in the Bay Area at least today and tomorrow, having driven down from Nevada yesterday, visited my sister, and dealt with some errands on Sunday and today. I'll be at BASFA tonight with blank site selection ballots and will carry any ballots to SpikeCon that people want to send with me. You'll even be depositing them in one of the ballot boxes being used there, as I've been storing the two ballot boxes at my place, and I figured that putting the ballots in the ballot box itself would be safest. They will of course be removed and vetted before the Administrator actually accepts them when I deliver them to the Site Selection desk, and he'll be the one with the actual keys to the box once it's put into official service.
Tags: tonopah, westercon

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