Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Through the Heat

I was able to get away from the office about 11 AM and make my way through the heat. It stayed hot throughout the drive. I ended up going through Concord and Cordelia Junction because a bad accident had I-580 through the Livermore Valley at a standstill for hours. It was hot and got hotter, with official temperatures as high as 38°C in the Sacramento area, and I bet it was hotter on the surface of the RV. The air conditioning in the Rolling Stone isn't enough to keep it comfortable when it's that hot.

The heat, plus the lack of sleep (due to the nights being too warm) made me groggy. I stopped a number of times to try and stay awake. After a brief stop in Sacramento to check in with my sister, I got up into the foothills, and went down a road I discovered a while ago that leads to a relatively quiet and shady place overlooking the railroad tracks. While it wasn't exactly cool, it was cooler than it had been. There, I opened the windows and the side door while parked in the shade, and napped for a little while before getting back on the road.

Secret Town

Train traffic was light, but I did snap this shot of a train grinding its way up "The Hill" as they call it.

I got most of the things done I set out to do while in the Bay Area for this short visit. The things that didn't get done were some optional things that would have been nice but not critical.

Now I'm home until we leave for Utah, except for the two days coming up surrounding my mother's memorial event.
Tags: rolling stone, rv, weather, westercon

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