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40 Questions

We're scheduled to do two shows of Match Game SF at SpikeCon: the first is on "night 0," which is Wednesday evening, the night before the convention officially starts in the main hall, but with a slightly lower-key atmosphere (we really don't know how many people will be there), and we plan on doing up to four games there. The big show is Friday night at 9:30 PM on the main stage (the Chesley Awards end at 8:30, so we have an hour for them to tear down and for us to set up). We'll do a full set of six games there, as we have nobody after us.

That's going to be an insanely busy day for us, as not only do we have the Second Fannish Inquisition (last chance to do a panel-type Q&A about the Tonopah bid), our other GoH responsibilities, sitting at our Tonopah bid table, staffing Site Selection, and counting ballots (voting closes 7 PM), but then also getting MGSF set up that evening. Thank goodness Scott Sanford will be at the convention to help Lisa, because I may not be at set-up until very close to show time. Also, the prize packages are in flux. If Tonopah wins (which we'll know unofficially before showtime), there will be a Westercon 74 membership in the prize packages, which means I'll be setting prize packages right up until "curtain."

Anyway, one of the hardest parts of the show is the questions. With a total of ten games planned over two shows, and four questions per game (not including tie-breakers), that's a total of forty questions that have to be set up. Yesterday afternoon, I created the necessary question sets from a combination of new questions that we've written or received over the past year and from questions we've used before. It's been two years since we did a show, but even so, the "regular" panelists will doubtless recognize some of the questions.

Wednesday's show has some special prizes, courtesy of the Mizpah Hotel (no, not free hotel nights, sorry) and the Tonopah in 2021 Westercon bid. One of them is sufficiently perishable that it will be part of every bonus round until it is won, and if we somehow go ten rounds with no bonus round winners, we'll draw randomly from among the twenty contestants and give it to that person instead in a "second chance" drawing.

As is unfortunately the way of such things, even at this point I'm not certain exactly who our panelists will be or what all of our bonus round prizes will be. It always has come together in the end, so I have to trust that it will this time as well. I'm glad I got the questions done, however, as it gives me much more peace of mind to have those "put to bed" three weeks out.
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