Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mr. 'Munk's Wild Ride

As I predicted, one of the chipmunks probably regretted their choice of hiding places. This afternoon, Lisa asked me to move the minivan around to the other side of the house to make it easier for her to vacuum it. (There is a power outlet in the garage that makes it easy to reach things parked in front of the garage.) So I drove the Astro around the block and parked it. Lisa, who was standing in front of the garage guiding me in to where she wanted me to park, seemed distracted. As I got out, she told me that as I brought the minivan to a halt, a chipmunk shot out from under it headed for parts unknown.

I'm glad I didn't hurt the little thing. I wonder if they'll try jumping up into the Astro again, though. What if my next stop was Sacramento, as it will be tomorrow?
Tags: wildlife

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