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We left Anaheim around 12:30 PM, and managed to avoid most of the bad traffic. We counted as a carpool, but on the other hand, traffic was flowing so freely that even at 65, I was still driving slower than much of the traffic in the mixed-flow lanes. The carpool lane on I-405 did help a bit north of LAX when traffic slowed for a rear-end accident in lane 2. The carpool lane only slowed for about five minutes.

We stopped several times along the way, and at one point Lisa insisted on driving because I was falling asleep. We stopped for a late lunch a Pea Soup Andersen's again, and we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express Paso Robles just before 8:30 PM. It's much quieter tonight than it was a week ago Friday on our trip south. Lisa told the desk clerk about our decision to rebook our trip here from a competing chain after our stay on the southbound trip. The clerk then upgraded us to a mini-suite. By coincidence, it was the exact same room as when we came south, so we know it well.

I've pulled the last photos and videos off the camera, but again don't have time to work on them. Among the material Lisa shot was the entire Closing Ceremonies, but it is again too large for YouTube. I guess I'll need to get some sort of video-editing software to allow me to break large recordings into smaller pieces.

Update, 8/29, 08:15: Corrected typo pointed out in comments.
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