Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Switching Out

When we got home on Sunday evening, the Fernley rail yard was busy with the ongoing rail-replacement project.

Rail Gang at Fernley

This was just the start of the equipment coming in. I asked one of the crew there if they were going to replace that switch tonight and he told me that it was scheduled for the next night.

MOW Procession

It's not easy to see, but there is a long string of maintenance-of-way equipment stretched down the line to the west. They were replacing plain rail (everything but the switches), and it went on much of the night as they moved to the east.

Big Equipment

The next morning (Monday), Fernley Yard was relatively serene as the crews had left to let the railroad get on with moving equipment.

Moving Day

There's a portable light (and they are very bright) sitting next to the switch assembly that will be moved in to place. To the left is a rail cutter, to be used to cut out the old switch.

Switch on Borrowed Time

This is the main line switch stand itself, and it was slated for replacement on Monday night. The silver box is the connection to the signaling system. To thrown this switch, you have to open a lock inside this box, and this sets a light on the dispatcher's board and sets the signals around it to red.

Busy Bunny

While coming back from taking the above pictures, I rounded a bush and came very close to stepping on this poor bunny, who loped away. I wonder what the rabbits make of all of this construction activity.

Lisa started charging the batteries for her camera in anticipation of the Big Lift scheduled for Monday night. More about that tomorrow.
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