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A Banner Day

On Wednesday afternoon, we collected the two banners we had printed for the Tonopah Westercon Bid.

Tonopah Floor Sign

Many of you may remember the tall standing banners for the San Jose in 2018 Worldcon. Worldcon 76 gave us one of the banner stands and the local sign shop that printed my fire board campaign signs printed and installed a new banner to the Tonopah bid's design.

Tonopah Tabletop Sign

There's similarly a small tabletop-sized sign. (Note soda can in a Tonopah sleeve just to the right for scale.) The picture forming the backdrop on this sign is of the Crescent Dunes solar thermal plant, which is our claim to our bid being a "solar-powered Westercon."

Both of the signs we have can be set up by a single person without any tools, which is often a consideration when displaying in convention center halls with restrictive labor agreements. (Tonopah's convention center has no such rules, which is one of the things that makes it attractive to us.) We're grateful to our parent corporation, SFSFC, and Worldcon 76, for sharing resources like that and letting us save a little bit on sign printing.

In addition, some of the stuff that we found during the move-out from Worldcon 76 that was about to be tossed out but that we thought was salvageable is going with us to Utah. That includes a couple of wooden easels (on which signs can stand) and a cloth carrier bag that will hold both the folded-down easels and large banner sign.
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