Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Third Time Lucky

We hadn't planned on a third trip to Reno this week, but when we were buying video adapter cables yesterday, we missed one that we think we'll need. While making an additional trip to Staples, several other things came to mind. I hope we don't forget anything else that requires heading the wrong way (west) before Tuesday afternoon. And that all of the video adapters we have will fit the projectors and television sets we encounter at SpikeCon next week. It's so difficult doing this when you really don't know what sort of equipment you'll be using. (This is why Lisa has invested so heavily in the tech gear for Match Game SF and recording business meetings; it's the only way she can be sure that the kit all works in advance, rather than having to hope for the best with what's thrown together at the con.)

After the errands, we went to the Atlantis and had dinner at the Manhattan Deli, the best Jewish deli in Nevada &mdash. I've learned my lesson about ordering from their menu and only get a half sandwich and a cup of soup. Lisa gets an appetizer as a meal. And we get one slice of cheesecake and divide it between us. Otherwise we waddle too much afterwards.
Tags: food, lisa, reno, westercon

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