Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Feeling the Honor

Today, Lisa and I had shifted gears to our Westercon 72 Fan Guest of Honor roles. Fortunately, the other members of Team Tonopah staffed the Westercon 74 table and started selling new memberships and conversions to attending from voting.

SpikeCon Westercon FGoH Spotlight

Wearing our "Imperial Airship Corps" costumes, we attended our Westercon 72 Fan Guest of Honor spotlight panel, which could also be subtitled "Kevin and Lisa talk about train trips they have taken." This was lots of fun. Unfortunately, I never did have time to build a slide show to go with it.

On Saturday evening, we held our second and final party, the Westercon 74 Thank You Party. We still have an enormous amount of canned soda left over. We could easily take it back as far as Elko in the rental truck, but it's unclear whether we could squeeze it into the Astro. We'll be offering our leftover soda to any groups here who want them, including the Styrofoam coolers we got to hold them.

We're having a marvelous time here, but we're really tired. And there's one more day to go.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, spikecon, westercon
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