Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Halfway Home

This morning, Lisa did all of her packing and she and I met up with Scott Sanford, had breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn, and she and he went off to visit the Hill Aviation Museum that Lisa and I visited on our previous visit to Layton a few months ago. As they were leaving, Mike Willmoth, Westercon 74 Tonopah's Facilities Liaison, came down to breakfast, so I stuck around and discussed Westercon business with him before returning to my room in the Home2 Suites across the street.

Home2 Suites Layton Room 129

When we moved the U-Haul over to the Home2, we got the most ideal parking space: outside the exit nearest our room (129, pictured above just before I checked out) and straight out the sidewalk. This made moving out pretty easy. I took Lisa's bags out, then spent an hour collecting all of the things I'd previously unpacked and putting it back into my luggage and other bags. After getting everything else out of the room, I took my computer down to the lobby, checked out of the room, and sat there working on chipping away at the pile of backlogged e-mail.

Around 1 PM, Lisa and Scott came back from the museum, we said our goodbyes to Scott, and Lisa and I set out for home around 1:30. We stopped at I-80 Exit 99 where the gas prices were the lowest we'd seen on the entire trip and refueled the truck. It turned out that this was just enough so that the tank was at the same 5/8 tank with which I started, so I didn't have to add fuel later.

We stopped at the two rest areas on the opposite sides of the 50-mile stretch across the salt flats, and I wish there had been another one halfway across, as I'd had way too much coffee and soda to try and stay awake.

At West Wendover, Nevada, we stopped for dinner at the Rainbow Casino, which had a passable (and not terribly expensive) buffet. One more rest stop at Wells, and including the extra hour when we crossed back into Pacific time just outside of Wendover, and we arrived at Elko around 8 PM.

Fortunately for Lisa and me, the Astro was stored in a place opposite the mechanic's shop where we could access it, so we were able to move things from the truck to the minivan (amazingly, it all fit) except our personal luggage, which we moved in the motel, where we have the same room we had on the way out. This allowed us to go take the U-Haul truck back to the rental place and drop it off tonight, rather than having to be there when they open on Wednesday.

Because we have the truck returned, we can sleep it a little while tomorrow morning. The mechanic's shop next door opens at 8 AM, but we don't have to be there first thing in the morning. I've set the alarm later, and as long as we get out of the room before the 11 AM check-out, we should be okay. It's 250 miles to home, but with a decent night's sleep, Lisa and I should be in good shape to get home.
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