Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Long Day on the Road

On Sunday, I slept in an hour or two, which I probably needed, but I also ended up "paying" for it later. After breakfast at the Wigwam, Lisa helped me finish packing the Rolling Stone for a week in the Bay Area. This is generally much easier than a convention trip because, for example, I can just take my shirts out to the RV and hang them in the closet.

Lisa did have me confirm that the "hotel" power works, after the repairs she made on the previous trip. Everything is good, which is a big relief.

As planned, I stopped in Sacramento to visit my sister and checked her out of the nursing home to do some routine shopping. With my mother's passage, I'm one of the few people on whom she can reply to ever get out of that place, and while they do provide meals and 24-hour care, there are sundry items that she either has to go buy or get someone to bring her.

The RV is much higher than my minivan, so I brought a footstool that Kelli could use to climb into the passenger seat. She can walk very short distances, but otherwise is confined to a wheelchair.

We made trips to Target and Walgreen's. Neither place is far from the nursing home, but it's a fairly time consuming process. We don't have a handicapped-parking placard (she's working on requesting one that would stay with her for the use of family and friends helping her out), and it would have been difficult for me to park the RV in one anyway, but we managed. Still, it took roughly two hours to get the chores done.

Traffic coming out of the Sierra on Sunday morning was heavy, and I hit clots of slow traffic heading south on I-5 to Lodi Junction as well, probably adding at least an hour to my total trip time. OTOH, by the time I got to Altamont Pass, most of the go-home-from-the-Sierras traffic had already crested the hill, and aside from one more clog at the I-580/238 interchange to I-880 south, it was mostly smooth sailing. Nevertheless, with all of the accumulated delays, it was nearly 11 PM before I could get settled in to my usual parking space and get to sleep, which isn't a good thing when your alarm is set for 4 AM the next morning.

I have work, medical, and personal commitments this week extending through Saturday this week.
Tags: family, rolling stone, rv, travel, work

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