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Having left Paso Robles around 12:30 or so, we got back to San Mateo around 4 PM, including several rest stops. Throughout the trip, Lisa scribbled away on a note pad from the hotel because she still couldn't speak.

Lisa has built a car seat for her stuffed bear. Kuma Bear sat in the back wearing the sunglasses Lisa bought for him at Disneyland.

We had a late lunch or early dinner in San Mateo while she decided whether or not she wanted to stick around for another day. We went up to my office where her van was parked and moved stuff from my van to hers, and retrieved from my office a couple of things she'd felt uncomfortable storing in her van.

Lisa decided she'd go ahead and try and head back toward Oregon tonight. Her first leg is a relatively short one, going probably only as far as Dunnigan, where she will stop for a few hours sleep in her van. I bought her a smoothie from the Jamba Juice near my office, and that helped her get a tiny bit of her voice back. I told her to spend a few days resting when she gets home. She was sick to some extent for almost the entire trip, and kept beating herself up over not being 100%, which didn't really help.

Anyway, I then headed home, stopping first for groceries, and I got home around 8 PM. Still too tired to do anything about photos and con reports and such. As time permits over the next few days, I will work on it, probably by posting back-dated entries to the appropriate times and announcing their existence as new posts.

For now, I need to unpack enough so I can get to bed early. I'm working tomorrow, albeit from home.

Edit, 9:20 PM: Added picture.
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