Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Eye Yi Yi

Yesterday morning I had to come in to the office even earlier than usual (thus a 3:45 AM alarm) do to my normal "morning business" upon which the rest of our team depends when they come to work) and then catch a light rail train to Mountain View and then Caltrain to Palo Alto to see the specialist who does an annual diabetic eye exam. Oddly, at that time of the morning, while there are lots of trains, there are very few that stop at both Mountain View and Palo Alto, and I had a choice between arriving too early or probably late for my appointment. Me being me, I choose the former, and thus had a brisk non-stop seven-minute ride up to Palo Alto, putting me at the medical center even before they opened. I took advantage of the early arrival to deal with a laboratory blood draw that their system has been nagging me about for some time now. I was second in line and had my arm poked forthwith once they opened. I was the first person to check in for an eye exam upstairs.

As usual, I planned ahead for the 30 minutes or so that it takes for the drops they put in my eyes to dilate them. You can't read when your eyes are dilated, so I had brought the MP3 player loaded with old time radio shows to which I listen on the long drives between Fernley and the Bay Area. After an episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and the first half of an episode of Broadway is my Beat, the doctor came and gave my eyes the once-over. I'm happy to hear that there are no signs of degeneration to which diabetics are subject. She asked me about the eye patch and I explained about the twitchy eyelid. She agreed that it was almost certainly just stress and lack of sleep. I hope to be able to catch up on that next week before starting the preparation for the Worldcon trip.

After my exam, with my dark shades on, I fumbled my way out of the clinic and strolled back up to the Palo Alto Caltrain station. As luck would have it, a southbound express was arriving about the same time I was, so it was another quick seven minutes back to Mountain View.

Things were moving so quickly that I actually needed to kill enough time for my eyes to come back to me before I could go back to the office and get back to work, so I went and got some breakfast, eating while listening to the last half of the show I'd started in the doctor's office. By the time I was done with breakfast, I had barely enough focus (literally, in the sense of my eyes starting to be able to focus again) to be able to return to the office and start working again. My co-workers were surprised that I was back so soon. In truth, so was I.

Other than the trip up to Palo Alto, it was otherwise a routine day once I could see again. I'll be happy to get home and probably get more restful sleep than I'm getting in the Rolling Stone, although it's much better being able to use my CPAP as opposed to what happened on the previous trip.
Tags: medical, vision, work

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