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After work yesterday, I parked the RV in my usual overnight parking spot, walked over to the light rail station, and caught a train heading for downtown. I had a ticket for the 7:30 PM show at 3Below Theatre of Disenchanted, a musical about Disney Princesses — but one that does warn people that it's probably not a great idea to bring small children, because it deals with the less-glamorous aspects of "happily ever after."

I was afraid that I would end up missing the curtain (and glad that I'd caught one train earlier than the scheduler told me that I needed) because for reasons I never quite determined, VTA closed light rail and terminated our inbound train at Metro/Airport. The driver promised that a bus bridge would be set up, but when I saw how many people were already waiting, I figured I'd better start walking. (A light rail train carries a lot more people than a bus, despite what a bunch of people seem to think.) By the time I made it to the next station south (Gish, which was once my "local" when I lived around the corner), trains had started running again, so I caught the next one going my way and made it with plenty of time to spare.


Here's the set as seen when walking into the theatre.

Disenchanted Disenchanted

The view from my seat in row D, just before I shut off my phone before the show started.

It was a fun production, with some entertaining performances and laughs, but also some zingers in there about "the princess complex" and what a negative message it ends up sending to women. I was particularly taken by Natasha Drena's turn as Sleeping Beauty, whose number "Perfect" sent the message that you're perfect just the way you are.

Kevin & Shannon

As usual with 3Below productions, the cast came out and chatted with the audience in the lobby. I was at the back of the queue, but just before she escaped to the dressing room, I talked with Shannon Guggenheim (here in her Little Mermaid costume, but whose turn as a stern German Rapunzel was a hoot) for a couple of minutes. I told her that if I hadn't seen her in daylight when I was one of those who volunteered to help haul the old RetroDome's stuff into storage, I might have thought she was a vampire, because every photo I've ever tried to take of her with me has come out all blurry. This time, however, I was able to ask the person who took it to hold still until the button on the phone's screen stopped spinning (part of the low-light detection) and the picture came out. (I reciprocated by taking photos of the woman who took mine for me.)

As ever, my thanks to Shannon, Scott, and now Lily Guggenheim (their daughter, credited as Assistant Director on the production), the performers (I thanked as many of them as I could, including one of the musicians) and all of the rest of the people at 3Below who worked to make another fine entertaining show. I even stopped to thank the sound engineer for not over-blowing the sound. Too many people seem to take a "We may not be good, but we're loud" attitude, and I'm glad he wasn't one of them.

If you're within reach of 3Below (it was where Worldcon 76's film program was held, if that helps you find it), you have two more chances (tonight and then tomorrow) to catch it before it closes. I'm very glad that my medical appointments, work schedule, and SFSFC board meeting attendance could all be rolled together to make it possible for me to see this show.

I definitely wasn't disappointed by Disenchanted.
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