Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Walking the Walk

Lisa and I spent some time today "walking" the areas in Dublin between our hotel (Holiday Inn Express City Centre, on O'Connell Street) and the Dublin Convention Centre and the Gibson Hotel. The latter is where the WSFS Business Meeting is happening, so we'll be spending a lot of time there. Unlike the past two Worldcons, where we were in the most-convenient hotels for the WSFS BM (Holiday Inn in Helsinki, Hilton in San Jose), this puts us 2.5 km away from the action. If it weren't for the fact that I have enough IHG points to stay at the HIX on points (thus saving hundreds of euros), we'd be in the Gibson ourselves.

So we have purchased LEAP cards (in our case, seven-day unlimited-ride passes on the local transit) and will probably end up riding the Luas (light rail) between Abbey Street and The Point a lot. While there is a light rail stop close to our hotel, it's on the other line (Green), and goes round-the-houses until it gets close to Abbey Street, and thus it's probably going to be faster to walk the 500 m down to Abbey Street to catch the 8:30 (or so; they run on short headways at that time of the morning) tram to The Point, arriving just before 9:00 AM. (The meeting itself isn't until 10:00, but those of us working on it, especially Lisa with her camera gear, have to get there early.)

During the day, moving between the Gibson Hotel and the Convention Center looks to be an 850 m walk, and while you can ride the Luas between The Point and Spencer Dock, it looks to be almost a wash. I reckon that if a tram is about to leave, I'll hop on it; otherwise, I'll just walk it. This is actually shorter than the walk from the ExCel in London in 2014 to our hotel (the Crowne Plaza), which was more than 1000 m, so it should't be too bad. It's the having to haul our stuff back and forth to the HIX downtown that's a hassle.
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