Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Another Box Ticked

After lunch today, I walked over to the sheriff's substation and dropped off the Vacation Notice Form asking them to do additional checks on the house for the time we're away in Europe.

The state is repaving Main Street (which is a state highway) this week, so I'm mostly trapped here except on foot unless I want to fight through a whole bunch of construction traffic, or I walk. Fortunately, the sheriff's station is walkable, and it was slightly cooler today than it was yesterday, although 36°C is still not what I'd call pleasant, even in the shade. Still, it could be much worse. Most of the time I work in my air-conditioned living room, whereas those people making the roads smoother are working with hot tar with temps edging up toward 40°C.
Tags: house, vacation

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