Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting the Points

I shop often enough at Walgreens that it's worthwhile to be part of their rewards program. The program give you 10 points per dollar spent (everyday points). As part of a promotion, they sent me a coupon that read "20x everyday points." Two days ago, Lisa and I went over and bought a lot of things; much more than we usually buy, amounting to stocking up on some stuff for the next several months. This came to $134 before sales tax. (You don't get points on the tax, which is fine.) They scanned the coupon, and both the clerk and the manager agreed that the system acknowledged the scan, but I only got the 1340 base points. The manager tried what he could but couldn't figure out why it didn't give me the points that I'd earned and said I'd have to call their customer service number. He was very apologetic about it.

Yesterday, I called their customer service line and after a very long wait got to talk to someone. At this point both she and I got confused. She interpreted "20x everyday points" as "20 bonus points per dollar spent" and credited me 2680 points. I didn't quite realize what she'd done until this morning when I checked my point balance. So once again this afternoon after work, I got in the 30-plus minute phone queue to talk to an agent. He could see the original purchase and the extra points I got yesterday, and agreed that I was actually due another 22,780 points (1340 base everyday points * 17, after the original 1x points and the 2x points I got yesterday) and credited my account.

That's about an hour waiting around on the phone, but the points redeem at 1000 points = $1, so in the end I get around $25 in store credit that I know that I will spend for spending that time on the phone. And it wasn't totally wasted time because I was able to work on the SFSFC meeting minutes while waiting.
Tags: shoping

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